Sometimes the easiest looking rails end up being the hardest. All this little Olso handrail had was 2 kinks and some stairs, but luckily that is not enough to stop the persistence of Mark Sollors, Ethan Diess and Ludwig Lejkner.

Filmed by: Cory Koniniec and Andro Kajzer

Edited by: Mark Cernosia



April 29, 2012

The ContourROAM is the ideal camera for a fun and easy experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. Just slide the record switch and you’re instantly filming beautiful HD video.
The ContourROAM records the action with a 170° super wide-angle lens, capturing all the backgrounds and peripheral moments that can be missed with a narrower field of view. Sophisticated camera technology automatically adjusts the exposure and white balance, ensuring crisp, beautiful video every time. You can choose between three different video resolutions, 720p, 960p and 1080p, or shoot 5 megapixel photos.

The Edge Walk is Toronto’s newest, tallest extreme urban adventure.
It is on the roof of the CN Tower’s restaurant 356m/1,168ft above the ground! Opened May – October 2012. Bookings are available. 1.5 hour total experience with a 20-30 minute outdoor walk.
You want to experience the thrill of a lifetime and join an exclusive group of EdgeWalkers.
Tickets are $175 and include keepsake video, photos, certificate of achievement and re-entry to CN Tower. You will also receive a Total Tower Experience Ticket which includes access to Look Out, Glass Floor, Sky Pod, Movie and Motion Theatre Ride.


Red Bull Energy Drink

April 28, 2012

Red Bull Energy Drink has been developed for people who want to have a clear and focused mind, perform physically, are dynamic and performance-oriented whilst also balancing this with a fun and active lifestyle.
In short, Red Bull gives wings to people who want to be mentally and physically active and have a zest for life.

Red Bull by Dmytro Gutsol (Dmytro) on
Red Bull by Dmytro Gutsol

Adam Moran

April 26, 2012

Check out the slideshow that Burton Principal Photographer Adam Moran created for the 2012 Telus WSSF Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler BC.

Immortal Video Eye Gear

April 25, 2012

Ever needed a camera with you to prove your endeavours to friends? Well… just wear these shades and you’re all set. Put them on, press a button and you’re recording both audio and video. 
Immortal Video Eye Gear allows you to get on with the serious business of having fun, while filming the whole thing.
The simple two-button process makes them a snap to use, and when your day’s sport is done, just plug, play and prove it.

  • 4GB storage space (3hrs footage)
  • Resolution 736×480 (Video)
  • 3 Mega Pixels
  • 25 frames per second
  • Two-button control for ease of use
  • Built in 500mAh battery
    (2 hours of running time)
  • Voltage 5V DC
  • Comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses; polarized flame orange, polarized dark grey and clear.
  • Please note: Immortal Video Eye Gear is not waterproof if submerged… but they are splashproof.

Winning Final Edit at Chosen Session

Breitling wing walkers

April 25, 2012

AeroSuperBatics Ltd is a British aerobatics and wingwalking team. As of 2011, they perform as the Breitling Wingwalkers following a sponsorship agreement with the Swiss watch manufacturer Breitling.AeroSuperBatics was founded in 1989 by Vic Norman, a veteran aerobatics pilot. It operates four Boeing-Stearman Model 75 biplanes and employs five pilots.

The team’s shows consist of two or four planes performing aerobatic manoeuvres while female athletes, attached to a post above the wings, engage in acrobatics.

Breitling wing walkers, Blackpool air show .

Into the wide blue yonder. by Frank Croston (frankcroston) on
Into the wide blue yonder. by Frank Croston

Festa al Cel 2011 Barcelona

Breitling Wingwalkers by Rafael Llandres (Warper) on
Breitling Wingwalkers by Rafael Llandres

Breitling Wingwalkers, 1940’s Boeing Stearman biplanes, Eastbourne Airshow 2011.

~ Breitling Wingwalkers (1/2) ~ by Adam Taylor (AdamTaylorPhotography) on
~ Breitling Wingwalkers (1/2) ~ by Adam Taylor

Breitling Wing Walkers by Maarten Van de Voort (MaartenVandeVoort) on

Breitling Wing Walkers by Maarten Van de Voort


April 24, 2012

Burton and KarmaloopTV bring you the first part of our Three Part “Elements of a Run” series. They asked eleven pro riders at this year’s Burton US Open to describe what it’s like to be them. Part 1, The Drop, focuses on the adrenaline rush at the moment of dropping into a run.

One of the best riders in the world

Dominik Nekolny by Anton Tang (antty) on
Dominik Nekolny by Anton Tang